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    Hello people of this forum, [​IMG]

    Recently I was asked by an old friend to join the Forever Living scheme to which I immediately said "no".
    I thought...pfff...me? That thing? No way!

    I could repeatedly hear my friend being so enthusiastic about running her own business. At first I thought she was being annoying and overly excited over nothing. I never believed in these kind of multi level marketing chains but I had never tried one so really I could not criticise something I had never done before.

    One day I pop into a local pharmacy to buy a cream for some particular type of eczema caused by stress at work. The retailer said she had a good one but it was a bit expensive. £28! Too expensive!
    I knew that these Forever Living products were all natural so I asked my friend how much a cream for the eczema was. It was half the price sold by the pharmacy. Different makes, but I was sure that this product, not only was completely natural, but also cheaper.
    I tried the product and I fell in love with it.

    Now here is where the story begins...

    I work full time and I was experiencing some problems at work which brought me to such a high level of stress and anxiety.
    I had finally obtained the job of my dreams, what I had wanted since I was 15, with the only difference that I haven't been very lucky from day one. And as a consequence, I thought that it was not quite the job I thought it would be. My confidence went down, anxiety built up, I was suffering from panic attacks, migraines with aura, eczema... I had never experienced these syntoms in my life ever. And all because of work!
    This was due to the fact that I had put all the eggs in one basket with my dream job, and as it started going wrong, I felt like the world fell on my feet.
    I had worked all my life for it to experience more negatives than positives!

    So I thought "what am I gonna lose by trying to get into the chain of being a Forever Living Distributor! Why not give it a shot!". I promised to myself that if I went into it, I would have had to do it properly.

    It wasn't for the money, it was a confidence builder, the idea of having something mine, managing my own time and rebuild my confidence that had been destroyed at work. Rebuild my motivation, go out there with a smile, and finally have some time for myself!

    I'm so happy that my friend talked to me about it. I can now say that having an escape route has made me feel more relaxed even at work, my confidence went up and I feel like the problems at work are no longer so invincible. Me health problems have disappeared, thanks to the products but yeah let's tell the truth...a healthy mind is our best medicine. Which means that this opportunity has been therapeutic for me not only physically but also psychologically.

    Now finally I can say...if something goes wrong in my current job (which I still have) hey-hoo...here is my plan B!

    So this is my story!

    If anyone has ever heard of these products of wants to try any please feel free to get in touch with me.
    We all are different with different priorities so if you are a student, a single mum, a non-working mum, if you are a mum wanting to get back into work, if you're fed up with your boss, if you are thinking to change career, if you're looking for work etc please feel free to contact me.

    Here is a link:

    And this is the website: https://www.foreverliving.com/marketing/Home.do

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