Where is the best place in SE London to buy?

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Which area is best for me to buy in?

  1. hither green

    5 vote(s)
  2. brockley

    10 vote(s)
  3. e dulwich

    24 vote(s)
  4. forest hill

    20 vote(s)
  5. honor oak

    14 vote(s)
  6. lee

    2 vote(s)
  1. prospective

    prospective Newbie

    This looks like the perfect place to ask for help. I am a first time buyer who works in the west end. I am looking to buy in SELondon because you get more for your money and I like green space.
    I'm not looking to make a fortune in property speculation, but I would like to buy in an area that is at least on the up in terms of its prospects for places to go, local schools and having nice neighbours.
    My partner and I have about £350,000 to spend - £400,000 at our absolute limit.
    I think that puts Greenwich, Blackheath and Dulwich out of our range but hopefully nowhere else. I'm looking for at least two beds and a little garden (flat or house, don't mind). We have no kids but maybe in future.
    The areas I'm looking at are:
    1. hither green
    2. brockley
    3. east dulwich
    4. forest hill
    5. honor oak
    6. lee

    So I have two questions. Firstly, which of these areas would people say is best and secondly, are there any areas I've missed that are really good and why?

    Thanks a lot for any advice. This is a big decision for us.
  2. Lew ish

    Lew ish Respected Local

    Lee: nice conservation area, short walk up the road to Blackheath, handy for Lewisham shopping.
  3. mollhench

    mollhench Local

    We live in Honor Oak/Crofton Park (Salehurst Road) ina 3 bed semi and it is lovely. All houses have little gardens, streets are quiet, we are near good schools, green space (Blythe Hill Fields/Ladywell Fields) and independent shops - only 9 minutes to Honor Oak Park station. The Lee Manor area is nice but I think you would struggle to find somewhere off a busy road within your budget in the nicest parts - ie. near Manor House gardens. I think the west side of Brockley train station is a good bet with good properties at cheaper prices than the conservation area and near Frendsbury gardens and the Broca food market. If you are happy to have a flat then the Brockley Conservation area has big beautiful flats as does Manor Park in Hither Green.
    You would get a much bigger house round here though than in East Dulwich and you would be nearer to the Overground - which is brilliant!! (in my opinion)
    Hope useful
  4. Pitta

    Pitta Member

    Honor Oak's nice, but only recommended if you have kids really. It's a bit quiet / suburban otherwise. Brockley's more fun and that little bit closer to town and fun bits like Greenwich, Blackheath, Deptford and New Cross. You could add Nunhead to the list too.
  5. mollhench

    mollhench Local

    We don't have kids and love Honor Oak Park, but I know what you mean.
  6. Pitta

    Pitta Member

    No disrespect meant by the way!
  7. mollhench

    mollhench Local

    None taken! I have rather taken to suburbia but it's not everyone's cup of tea
  8. betamatt

    betamatt Respected Local

    Hither Green probably has the most frequent direct trains to the west end (Charing Cross). You should consider the Corbett Estate on the Catford side - for under 300k you'll get a 3 bed place with a good sized garden. 10-15 minute walk to either Hither Green or Catford stations. Good primary schools and close to a couple of parks.
    Ladywell is also worth adding to your list.
  9. chickenlicken

    chickenlicken Member

    any of those places would be a good choice but we chose hither green and are very glad we did. the east side of the station preferably (although this is controversial as those who live the other side would say the opposite). it is better value than brockley, within walking distance of blackheath and you don't have to deal with the trafficky brockley road whenever you come out of the station. also as has been mentioned is really well connected. and the big lee sainsburys is very handy.
  10. chickenlicken

    chickenlicken Member

    could also add peckham to the list?
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  11. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

    We live in Ladywell which I really like and can certainly recommend; but another place you could put on the list is Nunhead, it has great shops (fishmongers, butchers, and a green grocers) and nice houses. Plus it is within a relatively short walk of Lordship Lane and all the things there.
  12. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Chickenlicken, is Hither Green really more affordable than Brockley? It wasn't when I looked at both areas five years ago, although there is a bigger supply of small / medium sized homes.
  13. betamatt

    betamatt Respected Local

    Nick, we've been househunting for the past year and I'd say so too - particularly on the west side of the station and down towards Catford. Plenty of 3 bed Victorian terraces for under 300k which you won't find in Brockley unless it's very small or has a downstairs bathroom or something. It probably is down to the larger supply of those type of houses though, as you suggest.
  14. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Interesting, thanks.
  15. chickenlicken

    chickenlicken Member

    Hi Nick, well that was our experience when house hunting in both areas 1-2 years ago - one of the main reasons we ended up in Hither Green is that we had no luck in Brockley. I think the larger number of houses compared to Brockley's flats mean generally a cheaper price per square foot. Also there seemed to be a lot of competition for viewings etc in Brockley which kept prices pretty high- at least that's what KFH told us!!
  16. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Chickenlicken - I guess these things go in cycles a bit, because we tried to buy in Hither Green and every time we saw a property it was snapped up before we could put in an offer or we were outbid. Competition for family homes near the park was intense. We looked at Brockley because we gave up on Hither Green. Admittedly, this was in the frenzied days of 2005 / 6.
  17. Henry's Cat

    Henry's Cat Member

    I bought in Hither Green a couple of years ago as I had a tiny budget and I could afford very little in Brockley where I was renting at the time. I knew nothing about the area before I moved here and I took a bit of a punt because it was so affordable - I am glad I took the gamble as Hither Green is really quite alright and I got a pretty good flat for less than half of Prospective's budget. I am on the Lee side of the station, which I am not sure is significantly nicer than the other side, but it's certainly pricier and possibly a little less shabby. If money were no object, I think I would prefer to live in Brockley - it feels less suburban than Hither Green and it has the East London line and better pubs.
  18. chickenlicken

    chickenlicken Member

    Nick - interesting. So it was nearly Hither Green Central! Shame we missed out on that
  19. st asaph roadie

    st asaph roadie Respected Local

  20. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    I originally wanted to buy a house in Brockley and it was certainly more expensive that Hither Green, Ladywell, Crofton Park etc. In the end I decided that I valued being that little closer in (Brockley) over buying a house so I now live in a flat on Manor Avenue. £350-400k sounds like a big budget for this area though! You will easily get a lovely place for that sort of money. You'd get a large, 2 floor, 2-3 bed flat in the conservation area in Brockley probably....

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