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Discussion in 'The Cycle Lane' started by Brockley Jon, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Brockley Jon

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    Anyone got any experience of waterproof overshoes or boots or whatever you want to call them?Are they actually waterproof?

    I was reading this thread at the LFGSS (love that forum) which basically says they're not waterproof at all, and just thought I'd see if I could gain any local knowledge (I'm looking at you guys, David & Headhunter). The rain in South East London is completely different, as we all know.

  2. david

    david Local

    Ahh - the joy that is booties!

    Agreed that they're not waterproof (just about nothing is really). But, a decent pair definitely work to effectively keep your feet about as dry as they should be. I have a pair of these which I've worn in all sorts of conditions and they "work".

    The main issues re waterproofness with a decent set of overshoes (that is, something where the overshoe fabric is actually waterproof rather than somethign that just takes a long time to soak up enough water that you can feel the wet on the inside) are not so much water going through the waterproof fabric but (1) water wicking up from the bottom when you unclip at a light etc and put your foot down in the wet / in a puddle; (2) run off down the leg going in from the top - worse for those with no mud-guards; and (3) you can get a bit more "clammy" as a result of the fact that the overshoes tend not to breathe so perspiration can stay in. But, on wet days (or on really cold days) these things are gold - maybe your feet won't stay perfectly dry but they'll be close enough that you probably won't care.

    Things to look for - I like the ones with zips and velcro at the rear but make sure the zip is decent. Velcro just doesn't do it by itself long term in my view but it's good to have a velcro flap to cover the zip fro some weatherproofing there and to also be able to bring the whole overshoe snug around the bottom of the leg (minimises that run off issue). Also, when putting them on it's much easier to put them on and then the shoes and then pull them down over the shoes (sounds obvious - but you'd be amazed at the number who do it / try and do it the other way!).



    That link again in case it didn't work http://www.wiggle.co.uk/pro-endure-h20-multi-fit-overshoes/ - if they're out of these in your size which they may be looking at what's left then just find something that rates well on the customer ratings and give that a go. My limit was set at about £30 and these came in on that so all good for me.
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  3. Brockley Jon

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    Wiggle are out of stock for 'average' sizes in pretty much every decent boot - I suspect the recent rain might have played a part in that. Very useful indeed David, I'll report back when I've found some. Ditto re. our mudguard conversation - they're on the way!
  4. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    David has said pretty much everything I would've said! I find overshoes useful for keeping the feet dry for short distances like the hop to work, but over long rides in the rain, eventually the water finds a way in, either down your leg or through the holes in the bottom where the cleats stick through. I do have some though, they're good in the winter for keeping your feet warm as most cycle shoes have mesh sections to let air through, fine in the summer but makes your feet cold in winter. I've got BBB overshoes like this:


    I had a couple of pairs of neporene Endura ones but the zips were absolutel crap and split very quickly - they have to take a lot of pressure. The overshoes themselves were fine but had to be thrown out as the zips bust. BBB overshoes have decent YKK zips and my pair have lasted well so far.

    I have heard some people say that to keep your feet completely dry, you need Sealskinz socks, apparently very got a sealing out rain in combo with overshoes...


    But as David says, I can imagine they would also seal sweat in...! You can get Gore Tex overshoes I think, which would be breathable...
  5. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Thanks HH. Yep, I've considered Sealskinz before as a standalone waterproofing option, but decided that keeping my shoes dry too is better, since the shoes take an age to dry out.

    The GoreTex overshoes are on Wiggle and get some good reviews, although they do look completely pants, even by overshoes standards!


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