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Discussion in 'Deptford' started by gocz, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. gocz Respected Local

  2. David Bent Local

    Gotta be Deptford vs Brockley vs Nunhead ;)
  3. gocz Respected Local

    The two we have are deptford (with 2 new cross ringers) and camberwell.
  4. DKZ South East Crusader

    Get Greenwich and you've got the battle of the boroughs!
  5. vornstyle Proper Local

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  6. gocz Respected Local

    Hi vornstyle. Thanks for your message - sorry it has taken some time to reply. It would be great if you could join in. Can you get any more players? Since my first post I have had one other positive so we still only need four more recruits.
  7. vornstyle Proper Local

    There's a few possibles, but what kind of quality are we talking? My people are all weak-limbed art school drop-out types who haven't played football since harrowing experiences in PE and are only attracted to it for the intellectual/political connections.

    Could ask the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters Team?

    Oh, I've also got a woman willing to do the oranges at third-time.
  8. gocz Respected Local

    Traditional footy skills are pretty unimportant to be honest. Of the games I have played anarchic chaos and puzzled indecision has frequently been in evidence. It helps to have a genuinely good goalie in case the diplomatic overtures go south and the other two teams suddenly turn on you. Top teams seem to divide into two footballing playmakers (the striker and the middleman); two roving diplomats (one left wing and one right wing) and the defence (the keeper and the stop) with much role swapping when the moment calls. But it must be said - every game is very different and I've never played with someone who has real football skills. The Lithuanians play in dense pine forests - which is hard to imagine - but Deptford Park is pretty conventional. Weak limbed art school dropout types have made up a significantly large proportion of the people I have played against so you won't be alone. I must confess my playing history was many years ago in Glasgow (art school!) and tended to be preceded by - as well as followed by - copious amounts of alcohol.
  9. vornstyle Proper Local

    Any news on a date?
  10. gocz Respected Local

    hi vornstyle. how many (roughly) can you bring?
  11. vornstyle Proper Local

    I think five definites (work etc. allowing)
  12. gocz Respected Local

    Great - sounds like we have game on. I'll put out to the other ten. Lets try for Saturday Feb 25th. 11.00am Deptford Park. Does that work for you?
  13. vornstyle Proper Local

    It's definitely good for me.
  14. Transpontine Moderator

    I have actually played three-sided football several times, the Association of Autonomous Astronauts (which I was involved in) put on several games, including at Kennington Park and One Tree Hill.
  15. vornstyle Proper Local

    Care to join us?
  16. gocz Respected Local

    Hi transpontine. I didnt know you were with the AAA. Did you guys ever play in the LPA games? It would be brilliant if you could come along (and bring some fellow astronauts)
  17. gocz Respected Local

    To all interested - the game is definitely on for this Saturday 25th Feb. 11.00am Deptford Park (off Evelyn Road). You may spot flyers around Deptford and Goldsmiths. Bring as many as possible. All welcome.
  18. vornstyle Proper Local

    AGGHHH!! Thanks to a busy few days I completely forgot about this - I WILL be there but with only one other tri-curious footballer, too late to contact the others. Sorry. Organised chaos &c.
  19. gocz Respected Local

    Post first match report. I am very happy to say that the inaugural game went ahead and went very well. We kicked off with three a side and played three ten minute thirds with scores of 4:3:2. Only nine men on a full size 3SF pitch was a bit exhausting as there was much distance to cover but the forming and breaking of alliances which lie at the heart of the game were very much in evidence. It was fascinating to see how different the ownership of goals became though all of us clearly have the rules and tactics of traditional footie locked in our DNA. More games will clearly be necessary before the full essence of this amazing game begins to be properly experienced.
    Deptford Park also houses two normal football pitches for traditional Saturday morning games and our activity generated much interest. After our short three sided game we were joined by players from the other pitches and proceeded to play another game but with five players per team over three twenty minute thirds with scores of 7:6:5. This was quite different in feel; much less exhausting and with fixed goalies and the exigencies of two sided soccer exerted themselves more noticeably. It was also clear that inter-team communication of shifting allegiances needed to be better explained as sometimes half of one team were playing with/for the second team while the other half were playing with the third. Very confusing... All in all an excellent experience and everyone has committed to playing again. We have set up four more matches; March 10th & 24th and April 7th & 21st. Everyone welcome.
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  20. gocz Respected Local

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