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Discussion in 'Deptford' started by Nick Barron, Apr 16, 2011.

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    I have been in a few times and have enjoyed coffee, iced coffee and a variety of cakes. If anyone wants to pick up a quick homemade vegan snack then they normally have a couple of vegan cakes (the lemon polenta cake was yummy) and vegan sausage rolls on the go. The book swap is an awesome idea too, I have donated quite a few and am currently enjoying a book about Mark E. Smith. They also now have a table and two chairs outside for those who like to people watch.

    Find them here:
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    The Waiting Room made it into the Evening Standards list of London's Best Independent Coffee Shops -

    The Waiting Room
    Owned by the tattoo parlour proprietors two doors down on Deptford High Street, which makes for an interesting cross over of clientele: a proper mix of hippies, goths, bikers and middle class mums. It does veggie food, really good hot and iced coffee and there’s a book shelf filled with books you can take away with you – as long as you bring another one to replace it the next time you visit.

    142 Deptford High Street, SE8; @WaitingRoomSE8

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