The Ivy House: Closing down this Sunday (April 22nd)

Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by Nick The Snick, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Nick The Snick

    Nick The Snick Proper Local

    Yes, the rumours are true.
    This Sunday (April 22nd) will be our last day of trading.

    The gorgeous, lovely people at Enterprise Inns have finally managed to sell The Ivy House and are kicking us out in a stylish and classy last-minute way. On Monday one of South London's most iconic venues will be boarded up.
    As far as we know it's been sold to developers and will never re-open as a pub again.

    We're obviously gutted, after just 10 months we were really starting to turn this place into a popular and lively pub and venue. Lots of great stuff was already booked in for the next few months, all now sadly cancelled. (If you did have a gig or party booked I have tried to contact you already this morning)

    Our final 5 days:
    Wed - Hankdog's Easycome Acoustic Club
    Thurs - Silent Film Night - Nosferatu (1922), with live accompaniment from musical genius Igor Outkine
    Fri - Private party in the ballroom, front bar open as usual
    Sat - Comedy Club - Scott Capurro, Steve Best and more
    Sun - Big fat leaving party

    Massive thanks and love to all the people who've supported us in our time here, we've had some amazing nights and met lots of lovely new friends.

    I hope you'll be able to join us for a goodbye drink before the end of the week, we plan on going out with a bang rather than a whimper - watch this space for details of our 'closing down/drink the bar dry/so what if it's a school night' party on Sunday.

    For those of you who'll miss the pizzas the most, get yourselves down to The Joiners Arms in Camberwell - same recipe, same chefs, same awesomeness.

    Big Love,
    Nick and the whole Ivy House team.

    PS - Anyone looking for brilliant bar managers, bar staff, chefs or cleaners please get in touch with me - there's a whole team of skilled, charming and beautiful people looking for new jobs now.
  2. Aims

    Aims Local

    This is really sad news, so sorry to hear it Nick :( Wishing you and the team all the best for the future
  3. Cllr Renata Hamvas

    Cllr Renata Hamvas South East Crusader

    Hi Nick,
    I've been away a couple of weeks. I'm gutted to hear about this :( , as you know, I've enjoyed pizzas and Sunday roasts at your pub on several occasions. You and your team are a great asset to the area and the Ivyhouse is an iconic pub.

    Let me know if there is any way I can help with the situation, I will pop in to talk to you about it. I hope you are able to find another venue locally.

  4. Lianne

    Lianne Local

    Gutted. We've only been in the area a couple of month and thanks to the Ivy House we've met loads of our new neighbours and were really impressed by the great community feel of the area. What will happen now?
  5. Matt Soper

    Matt Soper Super-South-Easter

    Just replied to Nick's post on the East Dulwich Forum so apologies for any repetition.

    I've lived on Hichisson Road for the past five years and have always hoped that The Ivy House would get a decent team behind it to make it the success it has the potential to be and, thanks to Nick and his team, it was on its way there. Unfortunately that seems to have amounted to nothing for the pub owners who, though clearly needing to consider their business interests, have no interest in the future of the place or the local area.

    Does anyone know who has bought the building? I am totally opposed to it being turned into flats and find it surprising that this is even an option when the building is included in the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan as a possible contender for listed status (I know this wouldn't prevent redevelopment but it should certainly stall any immediate plans).

    Ultimately I'd love for The Ivy House to stay open as a pub as it's a unique place and has really enhanced the area recently, creating a community feel that I've not experienced anywhere else I've lived in London. I'm definitely up for joining a campaign to save the building, even if its function as a pub can't be spared.
  6. peckman

    peckman Member

    This is terrible, terrible news - we live on Stuart Road and couln't hope for better pub neighbours. Has the pub actually been sold Nick? Surely there must be some listing available for this lovely pub. Anyway they would have to go to planning for change ofuse before it gets turned into flats... perhaps there is hope yet?
  7. Lianne

    Lianne Local

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  8. BreakspearsEagle

    BreakspearsEagle Respected Local

    'As far as we know it's been sold to developers and will never re-open as a pub again'

    What makes you think that? Couldn't it have been sold to another pub company?
  9. Cllr Renata Hamvas

    Cllr Renata Hamvas South East Crusader

    I have checked, and the most recent planning application for the Ivyhouse is from 2007, which was for fire escapes. The owner would certainly need to apply for planning permission to change the Ivyhouse from pub to residential.
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  10. Lianne

    Lianne Local

    So how do we find out who's bought it?
    And if it is developers can we set up a campaign group to block it?
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  11. Cllr Renata Hamvas

    Cllr Renata Hamvas South East Crusader

    I have contacted Enterprise inns for more details
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  12. Lianne

    Lianne Local

    Howdood has just posted this on the ED Forum:


    However - I know of at least one pub (Duke of Hamilton in Hampstead) that was saved from being turned into flats by a concerted local campaign. I've just written to our MP and councillors (Harriet Harman, Renata Hamvas, Gavin Edwards and Victoria Mills), asking them to intervene to prevent it being "developed" into residential property - perhaps other interested person could do likewise? makes it pretty easy to send a message, and no MP is going to ignore an issue if she gets dozens of messages about it in a short space of time.
    Worth a shot!
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  13. nunheadman

    nunheadman Member

    This is a crying shame. Especially after Nick and the team were slowly but surely building business in a considerate and community focussed way. We need to find out a number of things. Firstly have contracts been exchanged on the sale and who has it been sold to and what are their intenions? It may be that Antic pubs are continuing there quest for South East London domination. What I fear is that it has been sold to a developer with a view to turning it into flats. If so, this is bad news - developers don't part with hundreds of thousands of pounds unless they are pretty certain that they will get through planning and get their scheme built (and hence make money). A lot of new developments now adays go for a mixed tenure (private/affordable- which the Council has a policy on) which is fine but also mixed use (think Brockley station)...that is Resi on the top and retail on the bottom. I for one don't want a tesco express on my doorstep. Am I being unnecessarily Paranoid? Should I be worried ! I know some people would welcome this but its not for me. Can the Cllrs reassure us that this won't happen. Please!
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  14. peckman

    peckman Member

    And please,please, please not a Weatherspoons. I like a cheap pint and a curry and much as the next man but attracts 11am drinkers. I doubt they would go for it - i think their strategy focusses on working class high street pubs. We need to know. We need an answer from Enterprise. This worry will turn me to drink.
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  15. Doug

    Doug Super-South-Easter

  16. LineyLox

    LineyLox Member

    I'm completely gutted! We love the Ivyhouse... such a great atmosphere, really good community spirit, lovely food and loads of really great events! Even our 5-year-old loves it!

    What's happening to all our great pubs?! The last thing we need is more flats!

    I would definitely be up for getting involved in a campaign to save this lovely pub... especially after all the hard work that's gone into it lately. There must be something we can do!
  17. Nick The Snick

    Nick The Snick Proper Local

    Hey guys, cheers for all the love. Today has been pretty crap for me (about 3 hours on the phone cancelling gigs, birthday parties, even a wedding reception - before doing the whole public announcement thing) so it's been lovely to see all the kind messages on these forums/twitter/etc.

    We're pretty much in the dark regarding the exact details of the sale and future plans for the pub. We've just been instructed to get out. It's been suggested that the sale hasn't actually gone through yet and won't until both the pub and upstairs flats are totally vacated (making it a much more attractive prospect to the mystery buyer/developer), but I can't say for sure what the real facts are and what is just rumour.

    There may be some point in kicking up a stink and campaigning, it may be a waste of energy better spent house/job-hunting. All I know is that Sunday is going to be very emotional and lots of shambolic fun. It'll be a party people will talk about for years - many of my friends have already booked Monday off work in anticipation.
    Hopefully we'll be full to the ceiling and won't run out of booze too early.
    Please join us and help give this amazing place the send-off it deserves.
  18. Cllr Renata Hamvas

    Cllr Renata Hamvas South East Crusader

    Hi Nick, are they breaking the terms of their contract? surely they ought to be giving you more notice?
  19. Nick The Snick

    Nick The Snick Proper Local

    Enterprise haven't broken any contract terms with us, just a load of promises.
  20. tirez

    tirez Respected Local

    Never been (though have been meaning to for a while), but really frustrated with the number of pubs closing down around SE Ldn, so happy to help with any campaign to save the building/prevent it being turned into flats.

    Oh and sorry to hear of your closing Ivy House. Do hope you find another venue.

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