Sunday 22nd April 2012 - Forest Hill Food Fair

Discussion in 'Honor Oak & Forest Hill' started by Sarah, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Lives for South East London

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  2. Sarah

    Sarah Lives for South East London

    Sorry going to sound very smug here! Have just cooked hubby a chicken and mushroom pie which is quite an achievement for me! It was accompanied with some delicious asparagus bought from Franklins stall at the Food Fair today in Forest Hill. They had a great turn out and the scotch egg man was packing up at 11.30, as he'd sold everything! Well done for a great addition to the area and I hope this means this can be more of a regular occurrence.
  3. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Yep, it was a small but perfectly formed market, bringing together the best of Honor Oak, Dulwich and Forest Hill's posh nosh. Onwards and upwards - they need a bigger car park next time!

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  4. Mustard

    Mustard Lives for South East London

    Turned up at 1 pm and was shocked to find hardly any food left esp. no sausages or eggs. Did buy some delicious chutney though. Definitely need more stock next time and a bigger venue with more traders would be good. There must be a shortage of places to go to on Sundays!

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