Stop the Cuts in Lewisham - 25 February

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    On Wednesday 25 February, Lewisham council has its budget meeting where it will ratify cuts of some £85 million pounds to council services a third of the budget spend. This is the culmination of the 'Big Budget Challenge' they'd been consulting on during the autumn of last year.
    At no point during the consultations- the local assembly meetings around the borough's ward was the idea of not accepting these cuts entertained. In the meetings attended by Selpa member, the assembly attendees expressed shock, at what was coming, the sheer extent of the cuts. One chap after the presentations of graphs, pie charts, tables of spending and income, uttered the following "you're asking me to choose to cut my left or my right arm" a sense of fatalism was created. The cuts were presented as a fait accompli.
    The dreaded TINA - There is No alternative
    What's needed is an injection of some radical optimism and some determination. Maybe a sprinkling of syriza (hope)? Do things have to get as bad as they were in Greece before we mount some resistance this onslaught on our community?
    We are organising a lobby of the meeting mentioned above that will meet at 6pm outside the Civic suite. Here's a Facebook page that has been created for the event
    This lobby will be like a visual petition, the more people, the more powerful the voice.
    Please be there.
    Best wishes
    From us
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    The Lobby on Wednesday will be a big local event. The announcement of it has made local press. If you are opposed all these cuts that are being forced upon us. Join the Lobby on Wednesday evening 6pm. Lewisham Labour who make up 53 of 54 councillor seats, need to see people opposed to the cuts, it will give them confidence to stand up against the onslaught.
    Please be there.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Tomorrow: Lobby Against Cuts. 6pm, Lewisham Town Hall

    Forget about how you feel about Selpa, or lefties, or anything else, related. Tomorrow is about a ferocious financial attack on the community of Lewisham. £85 million is ONE THIRD of Lewisham's budget, imagine if your income was slashed in such a way.

    This will affect the poorest, meals on wheels, service users, - we're people who are too ill or vulnerable to prepare a meal for themselves. Laundry Service users - people who have incontinence, they will be told to use a laundrette, so they, most probably their carers will have to transport stinking sheets to the public laundrette. This is grim stuff. We deserve better than this in the 21st century.

    Report: today in the Guardian on these cuts,

    Remember from the cut budget will come the needs of the ILF users. The Independent Living Fund, will be scrapped, so the pot of money that severely disabled used to draw from to enable them to get out and about and live a independent will go and they will have to apply to councils.

    Even you don't care about people in need, parks and green spaces, will see severe cuts, certain green spaces will be allowed to go wild, no longer cultivated. Park wardens will be cut.
    Remember why this is happening. The banking system got itself into trouble. It was bailed out. Additionally quantitive easing - money was printed and pumped into the system. The government had a deficit on its books. This is deemed a problem that can only be solved by cutting public spending.
    So onto things like libraries, childcare centres, jobs and the service users mentioned above who will fall the burden of cuts. Adapting to a coarsened life. Meanwhile the people at the top of the banking system are still getting bonuses and it's business as usual.
    Stand will other people who think this is unfair, tomorrow evening Lewisham Town Hall, 6.00pm.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Tonight- The Lobby against Cuts in Lewisham

    Will the sole Green cllr in Brockley mount some resistance? Will any of the 53 Labour cllrs.
    Will campaigners be allowed to enter the building and see the debate?
    Will there be a repeat of scenes in 2010?
    Follow @peoplesselondon for live tweets.
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    Lewisham Council last night voted 49/1 to ratify the budget cuts of £85 million over the next 3 years. Council Tax will be frozen.
    The sole vote in opposition was Cllr Coughlan (Green) Lewisham ward.

    The Council tax freeze was presented as listening to feedback from Cllr Dromey, as part of a bind, due to the government funding formula by Cllr Walsh and as a way to ease the 'cost of living' crisis, by Lewisham Labour's tweets, a graphic had been prepared.

    There was a lobby outside council offices, that included representatives from many groups Glendale workers, who have not had a payrise for 6 years, Lewisham residents with learning disabilities who have been told that transport facilities, bus services will cut.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    This letter was found posted to a bus stop in Lewisham today...[​IMG]

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