Stephen Lawrence Centre, Deptford - threatened closure

Discussion in 'Deptford' started by Gema, Jan 13, 2012.

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    It has been reported that the Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford could close due to a lack of funding. The centre does some important work for local disadvantaged young people and it would be really sad if its closure became a reality. The short piece below gives a little more detail:

    The Stephen Lawrence Centre also hosts art exhibitions and is currently showing the works of contemporary photographers from Central Asia.“-the-beauty-the-capture-the-story-”
  2. What a shame. Such intriguing timing of this news too. I wonder why they chose Deptford?
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    I assume they chose Deptford as one of the aims of the charity is to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Deptford and Lewisham contain some of the most deprived wards in London. The timing of this announcement is a little 'intriguing', but I guess The Lawrence family have been tied up since early November with the trial at the Old Bailey. Also, if the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust needed the news coverage then obviously it was a good time to get the press involved. I don't begrudge them that.
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