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    Hi all,

    You may have noticed that we have made a few changes to the forum, and some of your previous posts may well have moved.


    The largest change is that the previous Events sub-forums for each area have been merged into the 'South East London Events' forum, which can be found at the top of the home page underneath the General forum.

    This won't be popular with everyone, but we feel that it should benefit the forum going forward. The reason for the change is as follows:
    • There is now only one place to look to see what's going on in South London, as most events are of interest to people from all areas
    • The events you post will be seen by more people - few people bothered to click into the sub-forums for an area
    • There should be less duplication of posts, which the separate Events forums were quite prone to
    • It'll be easier for the moderators to keep on top of posts, and promote them!
    Users who post into the Events forum will need to select an area prefix for the thread. This allows us to show where an event is, and still filter by area if a user wants to, but it doesn't limit people from outside the area from seeing it.

    No more Groups sub-forums

    These weren't used enough and so have been merged into their respective area forums.

    Approval of first two posts

    New members will need to have their first two posts approved by a moderator. This is instead of us approving every new member, and should allow us to more effectively detect spammers, whilst letting you post straight away (although you'll have to wait for us to approve it first).


    There's also quite a few other changes to the site as a whole, as we've upgraded to the latest version of the forum software. In the long run this should mean it's easier to use, better on mobile, and attracts less spam. We'll be playing with many of the new features over the days and weeks to come, so bear with us. Not everything looks and works as it should just yet!

    Thanks for using South East Central,

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    Hi Jon,

    Would you be able to tell me which email address would be best to contact you on re: a media enquiry?


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