SE15 is the pothole capital of Southwark

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    Nunhead and Peckham residents have had to put up with more potholes in the last year than any other part of the London Borough of Southwark.

    Figures revealed at full council assembly last week show that the Nunhead & Peckham Community Council area is more prone to the road problem than anywhere else in Southwark.

    Out of 2,614 holes fixed by the council in the last twelve months just under a fifth, 466, have occured in Nunhead and Peckham.

    Cllr Barrie Hargrove, the cabinet member for Transport, Environment and Recycling said: "We are aware of the number of potholes brought to our attention via our cycle inspections of the network, our 'report a pothole' link on the council website, from our inspectors on their travels or from resident our other complaints."

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    On a Bikesafe course last year we received the following advice....


    It is not considered a waste of police time. The police will then attend and contact the council to get it sorted there and then. The coppers running Bikesafe said that the police much prefer this than having to attend an accident hours/days later.

    But if you think a hazard is too woosy to be worth a 999 - stick it on the TfL Road Fault reporting website instead. It does seem to work quite well on most faults. I have also found calling their emergency number is effective as well - and they do liase with the emergency services if appropriate.
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    I read somewhere they are only "reportable" if they are 100mm deep...? Anyone know if that is true? One of the problems I read recently is that the blame and sue culture is eating into the road repair budgets so what should have been resurfaced can now only be "repaired". That would explain the 'put up jobs' on these badly affected local roads.

    I reported one on my work route to the council and it was "repaired"
    within a couple of days...

    I have been the "victim" of a pothole on a bike, with hindsight was entirely preventable with better observation, avoiding target fixation, less speed etc etc.

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    Not reportable but when the authority has to do something IIRC it was 20mm but have been changed by the government (to save money) to 40mm

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