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    Dear expectant mothers,

    Are you pregnant, expecting you 2nd or 3rd child?

    Would you like to brush up your lknowledge about your labour options and coping strategies? Talking about life with a toddler and a baby? Meeting local mums expcting their second (or third) child around same dates as you?

    I am a practising midwife and I run group antental classes in East Dulwich, for first time parents as well as second timers.

    The next refresher course for second time parents will run on May over 2 weeks, ideal for those of you due on June/early July 2015:

    Dates: Tuesday May 5th and 12th 2015

    Time: From 8pm to 10pm (when toddlers are asleep, in theory...)


    1st week: We focus on labour, what to expect second time round, where to give birth, coping strategies and pain relief options, and any other topic you may want to talk about from your previous birth.

    2nd week: Recovery, life with a toddler, what to expect and tips to make your recovery and those early weeks to go smooth as a mother of 2.

    During the session we organise a couple of days out, and after that, groups take off and keep on meeting on aregular basis.

    Cost is 100£ both session, per couple. This includes hand outs, unlimeted access to my email/phone for support or furhter information, and lovely snacks.

    If you were interested, do not hesitate to cotnact me for an informal chat. You can check my website: [] or email me: or phone me: 07598 293 625

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Enjoy your lovely bumps!

    07598 293 625
    Bump, Birth and Beyond

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