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Discussion in 'The Cycle Lane' started by Headhunter, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Headhunter

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    OK I've only bought 1 thing so far but their prices seem competitive for what looks like decent stuff. I bought these:

    When I bought them they were £12.99 (free P&P) but seem to have gone up to £22.99! Anyway, the construction seems solid and the zips are decent YKK ones (I often find that on cycling stuff which gets put through the wars a bit, the zips are the 1st thing to fail but YKK zips are pretty decent). Postage was free and they arrived within a couple of days.

    This is the shops ebay store and normal website

    Also these links take you straight to Wiggle, CRC and Evans latest offer pages... Happy bargain hunting!

    Wiggle - Latest Offers
    Chain Reaction - Latest Offers
    Evans - Latest Offers
  2. Brockley Jon

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  3. david

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    Thanks Headhunter. I guess the addition I'd make to the Wiggle/Chain Reaction online shopes list is Merlin Cycles ( as I've found some decent deals there in the past.

    Also, don't forget (he says to himself as much as anyone) that Evans do honour their price match policy so if they have what you want it's worth a scour of the interweb to see if you can get Evans to knock their price down. The couple of times I've used this it has proved _very_ lucrative.

  4. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    Yes, the good thing about the Evans price match is that they don't take into account postage/delivery costs, so you may find it at another website cheaper than Evans, however including delivery it goes over the Evans price, but you can ask Evans for a price match and they will also deliver for free!
  5. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    So I got myself a pair of those Tenn winter tights. They arrived quickly, and look really good for the money. They’re fleecy inside so very cosy, have some nice stitching detail around the calves, and the logo is reflective. I’ve been waiting for it to get cold enough before I use them but first impressions are good! The M size is generous in length, I’m 5’10 but I reckon a six footer could wear them.

    Here’s a strange cycling gear website I stumbled across at the weekend:

    They have a fair few [mainly old skool roadie] brands at reduced prices, and they have quite a lot of Northwave, which is a personal favourite. Sizing is limited but it’s good for L/XL blokes! Only thing is, I’m not sure I’d actually be comfortable buying gear from a website that looks as home-made as that!! :/

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