Peckham pandemonium spreads to East Dulwich - an eyewitness account

Discussion in 'Peckham' started by DKZ, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. nunheader

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    What a prize jerk! Sounds like a typical East Dulwich money-obsessed snob, bitter that all he could afford was a flat in Nunhead. :D How can you publicly go on record as saying you "loathe" a postcode (which in itself sounds ridiculous, reductive and reactionary) and then set up two websites with that very postcode? :confused:

    Anyway, I've found a fair few more of the short vids of the Peckham Pandemonium that Monday night. I hope the Met have been studying these.

  2. thebestnameshavegone

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    Far too easy...

    PS I'd rather boil my own head than live in ED ;)

    I've never knowingly lived in ED. I used to live on Somerton Rd /often used head for ED to use wifi...

    Last time I was there over 6 months ago I tried to citizen's arrest a baby, so I try and limit going there
  3. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    I'm guessing the infamous Ocado post was a wily wind-up directed at the EDullards then?

    Oh, and is it 'cos he says they're black?
  4. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    Basically, on 'snow day' about 3 years ago someone posted that very thing in all seriousness

    Over the years under various logins I've posted the same thing in reaction to anything really - 'accident on Lordship lane', unusually heavy rain, anything. One woman rang their head office to find out for me once.
  5. nunheader

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    I always found this oft-repeated 'defence' of 'We're bored and kicking off' 'cos our youth centres have been closed" a monstrous misnomer.

    The fact is I never had any group summer activities or ever attended a youth centre ever, and the majority of people I know didn't either. But it didn't mean that that we hung around on street corners preying on individuals and ransacking the joint, because we were bored!

    And, quite honestly, what sort of children are these that need to be constantly "entertained" otherwise they will go out looting and burning? The fact is these kids are prepared to break the law, because they have no respect for it, for authority or for other members of their communities, which is why they are quite happy wrecking their own high streets and areas.
    The cuts to youth clubs and activities have absolutely zilch to do with it, and the types of kids who had used these kind of community centres were, by and large, the type of kids that wouldn't go out with the intention of committing crimes anyway.
  6. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    This is depressing anecdotal bollocks. Please stop posting.

    It's facile, unsunstantiated bollocks. What do you actually know about youth in inner cities? Very, very little judging by your weak 'I turned out alright' idyll. Please never vote, ever again.

    Christ, seriously, go back to 1951. I can't believe I live near you.
  7. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    What's more depressing is you loftily thinking you have the right to tell someone to stop posting. What are you doing on a public forum if you can't tolerate other people's POV and then, hilariously, fail to put forward an alternative viewpoint?

    Why, do you only like living in a place where everybody has the same opinion as yours? Meh. It's people like you that ruin forums for everyone else...
  8. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

  9. Arthur Digweed

    Arthur Digweed Lives for South East London

    I live in ED, It's where I reside but I don't really go out in the area because of some of the types of people make my blood boil and who in their right mind wants to drink in a pub over run with other peoples screaming kids?

    Apart from that I must say I do like the fact that the people who live there are working toward a common good and although a lot of them are up their own they are quite decent. The worst thing about ED are it's surrounding deprived areas that are a breeding ground for resentment and hatred. It's a target for muggers and burglars.

    There is a bit of a two tier society going on there because on one hand we have affluence and wealth and on the over we have poverty and deprivation, I think they call it gentrification or some such name. To my mind it's a bit of a failed experiment.
  10. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Please don't talk to other forum members like this. If you disagree with someone's opinion, either present a (polite) counter argument or ignore.

    Thank you.
  11. north2south

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    Yes i could not agree more with you DKZ , we as people want to know too much about everybody else's lives , i think it makes us feel better about our own lives , me personally i couldn't care less who did what to who ? or who is flavour of the month this month ? Like you say ... everybody is the same really with the same up's and down's , it is a pity it took riots and terrible acts across the country for people to sit up and try to understand why a section of the population acted in this way ? we seem far too busy listening to celeb gossip , ignoring real life and real people and concentrating on the me me me society .
  12. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    I don't think it's too bad actually. I've seen far worse.

    I've never felt the need to be armed except on the Monday 'riot' night that prompted this thread. As I tried to make my way back from West London I popped into a Waitrose on Chiswick High Street and bought a couple of bottles with the express purpose of defending myself if need be. The checkout girls were already talking about Peckham being a no go zone, so I was forewarned and now forearmed. What did I buy?

    A bottle of Hillfarm rapeseed oil and a large bottle of Fentiman's ginger beer! Thankfully I never needed to use them, but I was fully prepared to if I'd been under attack.

    But can you imagine if I had, and the outcry from a looter who 'knew his rights'?

    Please officer, I've just been rapeseeded by a ginger beer! Oh, the irony.
  13. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    To be honest, try walking down any deserted high st in the UK after dark, it's a similar experience - I don't think Peckham's any worse than anywhere else. .
  14. Emma Jane Richards

    Emma Jane Richards Lives for South East London

    just wanted to post and agree with the previous two comments, i've lived in Peckham for ten years, and have often wandered around alone, late at night, as I often go out with my camera taking photos and whatnot, and i've never had any trouble, most young people and anyone else really, respond well to a nod of acknowledgement or 'good evening'. It's as scary as you imagine it to be sometimes I think.
  15. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    I agree with what he said. Funnily enough, I had a discusion about exactly this with another forum member quite recently, and they, rather short-sightedly, came up with the overly defensive, "Yes, but what about the West Indians that came over to Britain in the 1950s and 'became white'? I bet you don't mind that."

    And my response was so obvious I'm sure he must realised what I was going to say before he'd finished talking: "Yes, but they were emigrating to a 'white' country. Why shouldn't they try to fit in with their hosts?"

    And that's the crux of the matter - in the last 30 odd years that fitting in element has gradually been eroded to the point that other cultures and religions have been allowed to impose their way of life and even import foreign-made laws on us. And funnily enough it's the 'fitting in' bit that has resulted in the current mess, as the kids hear the Jamaican patois on the rise (though the whole American hip hop/gangsta bling culture is also a very significant factor) and the whites now feel in a minority if they don't assimilate it into their language. We all know how kids have such a hellish time at school if they're not regarded as fitting in. I can speak from experience on that one!
  16. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    What evidence is there for 'black culture having the whip hand in the UK'? Just quote whatever figures this is based on, that's fine, I'd be interested to know.

    Similarly the 'Jamacian patios on the rise' statement. I've noticed it on the rise within white, middle-class internet fora as a kind of mock-parody of black culture, but I'd love to see some proper numbers. ta.
  17. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    Where I agree with David Starkey is that, talking about our yoof of today he said black culture has now got the whip hand in the UK, and that's what he is objecting to.

    He thinks it's wrong that this has infiltrated our society - a society that already suffers from an identity crisis being the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland lest we forget, though it feels far from being anything approaching united. Being a learned scholar speaking a/the queen's English you can imagine how he must feel like ripping out what's left of his hair every time he hears "innit" not being used correctly (ie it's an abreviation of "isn't it" only). :D

    Here's the best example, courtesy of Noel Coward himself...


    No numbers to hand but sure to set you back a few squid.
  18. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    Nice patio that. Pains me to see youth so obsessed with this unattainable lifestyle, when I was a kid our dad would give us a stick to play with on our humble English patio and we'd be entertained for hours, what have we become. Jumpers for goalpoasts.
  19. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    You don't need numbers, you need ears. Try stepping away from the totality of the keyboard and actually listen to what many Londonders under 25 actually sound like.

    As for mock-parodies of black culture, I only need to back up my earwitness accounts with two words: Ali G. Sacha Baron Cohen didn't create the ultimate mock-parody character to laugh at black people (I don't think even he would've got away with that), of course, he was designed to rip the piss out of the very people you claim don't actually exist: the whites who think they're black. Or as Starkey put it, "the whites (who) have become black." But I'm guessing you're either too young or too old to remember.
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  20. thebestnameshavegone

    thebestnameshavegone Lives for South East London

    Wow. Would you also say that rap music is actually responsible for the continuing decay of society? Are you in fact a 1980s Sun journalist?

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