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Discussion in 'Nunhead' started by FionaColley, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Hi Nunhead Forum @ SEC

    My name is Fiona Colley and I'm one of the three Labour councillors representing Nunhead Ward. The Nunhead area is also partly covered by Peckham Rye Ward and The Lane Ward.

    If you want to raise any local issues with me or other councillors or have any comments or complaints about Southwark Council services please let me know. I'll do my best to help out.

    I'll check into the forum about once a week or you can contact me directly on

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Cllr Renata Hamvas

    Cllr Renata Hamvas South East Crusader

    Just to update people in relation to the Ivydale Rd section between Cheltenham Rd and Merrtin's Rd, I'm delighted to post that in the daft Public Realm Section of the Capital Program, 240k has been allocated for the resurfacing of this part of the road. It is likely that after consultation and organisation, that this work will commence in October.


    Labour Councillor for Peckham Rye Ward
  3. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    For the avoidance of doubt I assume that Renata's reference above to the "daft public realm section of the capital programme" she actually means "draft"?

    Of course it could be both daft and draft...
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  4. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    If it's local politics it most probably will be. (Sorry councillors!)

    Just to let you know that there's a thread about a couple of developments in my manor on another thread.
  5. Mr Nun

    Mr Nun Regular

    Hi Fiona,

    I've got a quick question about the conservation status of Nunhead Green and what it actually means. Specifically, I was just walking past the building that is being renovated next to Naz the butchers and noticed that they've installed nasty PVC windows. This is within the conservation area and I would have presumed that there would have been a condition that new windows must be wooden sash? Considering this building has been left to decay for quite some years, I think it's great that it's been rebuilt. However, it is a shame that it's not being done sympathetically.

    I would appreciate you clearing this matter up for me.

    Many thanks MN
  6. Doug

    Doug Super-South-Easter

    Dear Fiona,

    I’m disappointed that the new shop fronts on Evelina Rd that fall outside of the conservation area won’t be built from wood.

    I refer specifically to 98 Evelina Rd – the Astar Fish Bar. The planning application says "This section of Nunhead lane is not in a conservation area and as such the leaseholder of this property has opted for an aluminium shop front".

    As I have argued on the Nunhead forum, traditional materials will best suit the heritage of our high street, creating a retail environment that will encourage inward investment. The alternative is something that we already have today – a scruffy, pockmarked streetscape.

    I think it is really unfair that shops should be funded by the council to install second rate materials.

    Can you please advise if it is possible to restrict the fund to applicants who agree to specific materials?

    Many thanks
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  7. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Hi Mr Nun

    I'm taking this up with Planning Enforcement to investigate. I assume it's 44 Nunhead Green that we're talking about.

  8. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Hi Doug

    I'm already looking into this one. I would agree that I would also like to see a consistency of materials all the way down Evelina Rd/Nunhead Green/Nunhead Lane.

  9. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Progress report from our Planning Enforcement Team, they continue to investigate.

    Dear Councillor,

    I have had initial contact with the developer on the above. He is claiming that the 2002 permission for the conversion of the upper parts of the building to form 2 no. self contained flats with a new entrance to rear allowed for uPVC windows. The Nunhead Green Conservation Area was designated in 2007. I have requested the case file from archives to establish what was exactly allowed under this permission.


  10. Mr Nun

    Mr Nun Regular

    Thanks Fiona

    Interesting to see what the conclusion is. However, if it turns out that the planning permission for PVC windows granted almost 10 years ago still stands, then it makes a dissapointing mockery of the conservation status.

  11. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    I think an unfortunate anomoly - this is an unusal case. The planning permission was granted subject to them starting within 5 yrs (these days we only allow 3yrs), they officially started in 2004 which satisfied that condition, but then stopped and started several times. Even if this one slips through the net the conservation area status and the protected shop front policy help a great deal for new applications.

    The old permission did require the developer to use the same materials for the rebuild as were there in 2002 and fortunately I've unearthed a picture from 2005 showing that it did have timber windows (though the original sashes were gone by then). Planning enforcement are on the case.
  12. Francesca

    Francesca Regular

    I really second Doug's comments and remember making a similar comment before to Fiona about ensuring that shopkeepers really value the investment that the council has made and make efforts to build on it. As the Nunhead high street seems to be getting more and more take-away shops (see also the other thread on the new 'chicken' shop proposed in front of Huey's delicatessen) and as take-away shops are never bastions of style, it's important that the council guides them to ensure council funds (our money at the end of the day) are well spent and not wasted on yet more obnoxious neon signs and scruffy looking fronts...
  13. Mr Nun

    Mr Nun Regular

    Good work on unearthing the picture!
  14. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Had a look for myself yesterday. To be honest my greatest concern was that they are patio doors and that not only 44, but also 42 and 40 seem to have created roof terraces on top of the flat roof of the shop fronts. The rails (esp the one that looks like a scaffolding pole) are def not in keeping.
  15. Mr Nun

    Mr Nun Regular

    This certainly wouldn't be tolerated in East Dulwich's conservation areas - and I don't see why we should tolerate it either.

    Thanks for investigating.
  16. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    Our planning enforcement officers are going for a visit tomorrow.

    PS I don't believe East Dulwich has a conservation area - just one more way in which Nunhead is superior ;)
  17. Mr Nun

    Mr Nun Regular

    haha, I should have said Dulwich Village!
  18. nunheader

    nunheader South East Crusader

    Hi Fiona.

    On the north side of Nunhead Lane, just off the Rye and before the 'Costa Smerelda' there is a large section of overgrown wilderness!
    I assume the land is part of the Rye Oak School (I think it used to have temporary buildings on it for the school), but now they just look like they have been demolished and the land is sitting empty. As far as I know, no Planning has been made, so I wondered if anyone connected with the school or any knows what is planned?
  19. oldnewromantic

    oldnewromantic Lives for South East London

    All I know about this site, is that it was the site of the original nursery for Rye Oak School. This was demolished when the Children's Centre was built at Rye Oak. At the 'consultation' (I use the term very loosely) about the closure of the EYC there was no information given about what would happen to this site. I assume it still belongs to Southwark.
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  20. FionaColley

    FionaColley South Eastern Yoda

    I'm making enquiries. In general it is the council's policy to sell bits of land or offices we no longer need and reinvest that money into upgrading parks, playgrounds, leisure centres, shopfronts, roads, new community centres etc so I would expect that would be the plan.

    The Head of Property is checking for me and I'll post when I know.

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