London Mayor: Air pollution consultation.

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    London Mayor Sadiq Khan writes
    "I want to hear your views on how together we can clean up London's air."

    His proposals are:
    • bring the implementation of the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) forward by one year to 2019
    • expanding the ULEZ beyond central London in 2020 -
    • introducing a new Emissions Surcharge from 2017 for the most polluting vehicles entering central London -
    • giving TfL the go-ahead to start looking at a diesel scrappage scheme as part of a wider national scheme run by the government
    • keeping Londoners better informed and alerted when pollution is at its worst
    • making sure TfL leads by example by cleaning up its bus fleet and buying only hybrid or zero emission double-decker buses from 2018.
    Full info here ->

    We'd like to see a campaign raising awareness about idling engines; maybe because of stop/start technology on some cars, the sense of awareness about this has diminished in our culture somewhat in recent years but whatever its not good, to see vans, cars, parked up, engine running and exhausts pumping away.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Air pollution, if this is an issue you care about, have your say before Sunday 18 December.

    The Mayor writes...
    There are some related horror stories in the media at the moment :
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    The issue of air pollution is starting to get more headline attention.
    This article on "ban parents from idling near schools" an issue we've touched on earlier in this thread.

    It's a small piece in the picture of pollution in London, but idling around schools is an issue that parents and carers could address quite simply.

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