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Discussion in 'The Cycle Lane' started by david, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. david

    david Local

    Not being particularly mechanically minded I get the majority of the work on my bike done by bike shops/mechanics. I've tried a few over the years, including some of the stores from the big chains, and been happy to varying extents with what I got for what I paid.

    Anyways, a couple of years ago came across the Cycle Team at Brockley Cross (who have just changed their name to Brockley Bikes - http://brockleybikes.com/?page_id=20) and have been really happy with the work they've done and the fact that they'll tell me when something doesn't really need to be done as well. So, a recommendation from me for the guys at Brockly Bikes.

    Anyone else use them or have recommendations for someone else?


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  2. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    I had a new spoke put into 1 of my wheels by Cycle Team, they did a good job. Apparently Vaidas in Honor Oak is also pretty good...
  3. Ruby

    Ruby Local

    I've used The Cycle Team/Brockley Bikes for servicing/maintenance of my folding bike and would definitely recommend them. The work cost less than they initially said it would as they discovered that not everything we'd discussed actually needed doing once they took a closer look which I thought was very honest of them and it was all very quick.

    I've also used Vaidas for a smaller piece of work in the past. They were good value and they are probably good for certain types of bike (I think they specialise in racing bikes) but the mechanics at Brockley Bikes seem to have a better knowledge of a wider range of bikes and were able to get spare parts very quickly too.
  4. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    I bought my bike a month ago from Compton Cycles, they gave me a free service after 6 weeks, nd so far (touch wood) not had to get any repairs done but they seem great.

    I do have a back mudguard that needs to be "adapted" to fit my bike, wonder if any of them will do it on the fly..?!

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