Lewisham council is closing our community centres

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Do you think community centres have an important role in the life of Lewisham?

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    Dear Lewisham borough residents,

    The website below gives in-depth information of the shocking decimation of community centres that Lewisham council are currently planning in their effort to find money to cope with austerity.


    Under Lewisham council's “Stronger, Safer Communities” plan, of the 24 community centres in the borough there are:
    • 7 facing closure
    • 5 To be redeveloped as smaller centres to make room for flats
    • 2 To be turned into nurseries
    • 5 To be crammed with community or school groups with nowhere else to go
    • 4 facing higher charges or cuts possible redevelopment
    That's 23 out of 24 centres in trouble.

    This is a decimation of community centres in Lewisham. Community centres aren't places for inexpensive wedding receptions and yoga clubs. They also provide facilities for the elderly, ethnic minority groups and the disabled to meet and socialise, and a point of access between these groups and essential services. There are also many affordable nurseries and youth clubs, operating in community centres. The absence of these facilities will have a negative impact on our society.


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