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    Urban Fit & Fearless | self defence - Urban Krav Maga

    1- Learn to defend yourself (Urban Krav Maga system)
    2- Improve your physical condition: cardio + full body workout
    3- Enhance your confidence and self-esteem
    4- Learn to channel adrenaline and deal with aggressive behaviour
    5- Let off steam

    "...Patrice's classes focus on dealing with urban violence (e.g. being grabbed from behind, held down on the street, being punched etc) and are great fun and serious at the same time. They're a combination of a pragmatic workout to provide realistic exhaustion and focus on technique..." Suzanne (read full review)

    "...I highly recommend Patrice of Urban Fit and Fearless. I have completed various forms of Martial arts for over 5 years now and Patrice is without question the most organised and professional person I have ever trained with..." Paul (read full review)


    Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 pm
    The Scout Hut, 212 Bellenden Road, SE15 4BY

    For further information visit our website or contact Patrice
    Mobile: 077 1746 6916

    #AMoveForThat #FearlessWednesday

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