Introduction to Mindfulness Course - Hither Green 22nd Feb

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  1. Waves Mindfulness will be running a 4 week course introducing you to the practice of mindfulness.

    Mindfulness is used to help manage anxiety, stress and depression as well as helping you adopt a more positive outlook, improved focus, sleep patterns and immune system.

    Over x4 90 minute sessions, attendees will be introduced to various meditations and tools that they will be able to use in everyday life. Attendees will also be given handouts so that you can practice at home for maximum benefit.

    Waves believes that everyone benefits from mindfulness, no matter age, race, size, or belief we are happy to accommodate your needs.

    Your trainer is an experienced, accredited mindfulness instructor who has undertaken the advised training in line with the national standards.

    Trainer - Sonya Russo: I am trained in MBCT, MBRP and .B practices. I work with charities,schools and corporations in London and Mindfulness training in Mindfulness and Mental Health.




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