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    Vicky writes:

    I want to create a community-centered grocery store & deli focusing on local, seasonal foods and basic goods, breathing a new lease of life into the once vibrant shopping parades.

    My vision for ‘Good Food’ is to be a local grocery shop and deli, that is valued by its community, profitable and most importantly, makes all those involved proud. It will be an inviting community space stocked with high quality, locally produced, everyday items at everyday prices. This is a much-needed change from the low budget corner shops, barbers and bookmakers that currently occupy the main shopping parades in and around the Corbett Estate.

    It will encourage residents to buy locally produced items, and encourage similar businesses to open as we have seen elsewhere across the borough. At the moment there are several boarded up shops on the main shopping streets at risk of conversion to flats. People on the Estate really want to shop locally; we just need to offer them the opportunity! My shop will aid the regeneration of the local high street by creating an inviting shop window, making use of the wide pavements out front for displaying and eating some of the take away produce.

    Click here to find out more and support the project.
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