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Good DJ for party wanted

Discussion in 'Brockley' started by mimosa, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. mimosa

    mimosa Member

    can any one recommend a dj to play for a party for trendy 30-50 year olds in brockley?
  2. mentalfloss

    mentalfloss Member

    Hi mimosa, you sound like you are describing me and my husband! we live in the area and are in that age range ourselves and have an extensive and eclectic record collection. Let me know if interested. Hatty
  3. mimosa

    mimosa Member

    Hi Hatty, have you done some parties in Brockley as I might know you? Did you do a gig on Peckham Rye??
  4. fones40

    fones40 Member

    Hi, What style of music are looking for? My friend and I are the 'residents' at The Social, we play there very other Friday. Soul, funk, rare groove, boogie, disco.... www.thesocial.com
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  5. mentalfloss

    mentalfloss Member

    No, that's not me. If you want to know more maybe easier to email me on hatty.uwanogho@gmail.com. Thanks Hatty
  6. mimosa

    mimosa Member

    Hi , I want a broad range with good dance music - not so obscure that no one knows the music - classics; funk, Northern Soul, House, bit of Rock etc. What are your rates?
  7. Tamsin

    Tamsin Super-South-Easter

    And I know a stylish lady in Endwell Road who has the kit and is very versatile, so can produce the goods to your order - vigurs@googlemail.com
  8. fones40

    fones40 Member

  9. beenbrun

    beenbrun Member

    Hello Mimosa

    You've probably got a dj already but here is my soundcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/nittygrittydjs/ . Used to play at The New Cross House on fridays. I once played a house party til 6 with only 100 recoerds and kept them dancing all night! Love disco, funk but pop too, not afraid to be a dj slag and play Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real. I play everything from reggae mashups to boogie to soul to classic house to African funk. A friend can provide a modest sound system too if you need it. Contact me at beenbrun@gmail.com
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