General Election 2017 - 8 June

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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    A snap election has been called by the government, for the 8 June.

    Firstly, for those who aren't already registered do

    Register to vote
    -> (deadline 22 May)

    We will be carrying on with our work. We're not campaigning for any one political party - we are a cross party campaign. But we want to make sure the main architects of austerity are out off office.

    You only have to take a look at the threads we've created on here to see the picture

    We'll come back to this thread.
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

  3. SELPA

    SELPA Lives for South East London

    A message from us on the General Election results.

    Well done to everyone who took part in this campaign.

    Particular thanks to those who helped out in our local marginals, Croydon Central, Eltham and Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

    Croydon Central's Sarah Jones ousted Tory Minister Gavin Barwell with a majority of over 5,000 and Clive Efford trebled his majority despite wobbles earlier in the campaign. Neil Coyle hung on to Bermondsey with a whopping majority of 13,000, crushing Lib Dem attempts to reinstate Simon Hughes.

    Everywhere in South and South East London that was red, stayed red.

    And that isn't even the end of the story. Our true blue fringes experienced an earthquake with Bromley and Chislehurst experiencing an 11% swing to Labour, and Beckenham a 10% swing.

    This has made these Tory 'safe' seats marginals, and shaken the political landscape to its core. They will undoubtedly be our next battleground.

    Until then....

    Celebrate. Reflect. Regather. Educate. Activate!
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    SELPA Lives for South East London

    Tomorrow: 1 July - There's going to be a sizeable event in London. Join us!

    Peoples Assembly Against Austerity HQ writes"

    We have an exciting line up of music and culture as well as politics. DJ's, performers and bands including Shy FX, Wolf Alice, Peace, Captain Ska and Sink the Pink will be on the streets with us, joining the call for the Tories to go, plus there'll be some very special guests who'll be announced on the day!


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