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  1. This is an easy going cycle group that meets every Sunday for a 9-15am start at the Dulwich Toll Gate (College Road, 100m past Hunt Slip Road). The typical bike turnout are mountain & road bikes.

    The group is split 50/50 women / guys, some where shorts, tracksuits, lycra.... its up to you, but its totally FREE of charge!

    Rather than race, we ride at about an ave 12MPH pace and ride to places of interest in Kent & Surrey which is c.30-miles round trip, but...... we make this super friendly by having brunch too! To be different, we actually wait at the top of hills or at mile stone points say every few miles to reform as a group.

    Every 8 weeks or so we are now starting to do a BIG ride, 2-weeks ago was Brighton (55-miles), and in October we are planning a ride to Eastbourne (70-miles), have a late lunch and then get the train back. Can you THINK of a Health-care Charity - we can raise its profile on one of the big rides!

    IF..... you would like something even easier, meet with us and just do the first couple of miles, or the first 5-miles and build it up.

    Go ahead and make a START NOW!


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    Project London Health
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  2. Brockley Jon

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    Sounds good. Hmmm, decisions decisions, do I move this into The Bike Lane? Yes, I think I do.
  3. Good idea Admin! Im new to this forum and advice is appreciated.

  4. Dullwitch

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    Don't you guys do the free running club in Peckham Rye Park as well?
  5. Pratish

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    hey bguys, are you still running these Sunday sessions? would be good to come along...

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