Deptford and New Cross trains not stopping at Charring Cross anymore

Discussion in 'Public Transport' started by fongchau, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. fongchau

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  2. Brockley Jon

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    I'm guessing that the 3 years of trains not stopping at London Bridge is also going to put a massive strain on the already capacity London Overground services. :(
  3. Headhunter

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    So cuts to services from SE London to Charing Cross continue - Brockley lost its link a couple of years ago and I've noticed that there seem to be fewer and fewer trains to New Cross from Charing Cross too. When I lived in Catford between late 99 and 2002, every single train into and out of Charing Cross used to stop at New Cross (or Gate - can't remember which), now there are barely any and Charing Cross's role seems to be to serve Kent with barely any stops in between... Are trains from Brockley to London Bridge also being cancelled for 3 years? That'll be a nightmare...
  4. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Hang on a minute HH, I thought the loss of the Brockley-Charing X service was the entirely the fault of the wretched East London Line?!!? Now, you're telling me that it's the same (but worse) for lots of other places that don't have the ELL to compensate!? Say it ain't so!
  5. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    I don't understand what you're saying.... On the ELL/Overground, you believed the hype and drivel fed to you by Network Rail or Southern or whoever it was, who, shortly before the ELL was completed, told us there would be no impact on our services to Charing Cross but ultimately as soon as the extension opened, they immediately went back on their promises and cancelled all links from Brockley to Charing Cross and Waterloo East... You believe the rubbish they fed you, that the ELL extension had nothing to do with the cancellation of these trains, I still don't.

    My comment above says nothing about the ELL or its consequences for Brockley, Deptford or other locations, I was simply lamenting the loss of another connection to useful locations such as Charing Cross and Waterloo East from SE London...
  6. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    The 'fault', if it can be described in those terms, is the redevelopment of London Bridge and enhanced Thameslink service. It's understandable and absolutly correct that we should be lobbying for SE London but there there is a strategic view that can't be so parochial. London has an issue with not enough termini (or whatever the correct latin tense is), too much demand and too many perfectly credible usage requirements want to arrive at a handful of platforms. Is it more important socially, economically or otherwise that comuters from outside london can get into the capital with ease? or bbetter that Londoners can do so? Both probably but both cant.
  7. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    ...and the ELL is a net benefit for Brockley, id bet my mortgage that most residents would agree.
  8. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    The reason stated for the cancellation of Brockley's direct trains to Charing Cross was the high speed link from Kent which has since been either cancelled itself or greatly reduced due to lack of demand, yet Brockley still hasn't had it's original services reinstated, where did that extra capacity go?
  9. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    I've never said it wasn't a benefit, it's a benefit as an additional service as it was always marketed to us as, even a matter of months before completion, acc to Brockley Central, Southern were saying that there would be no affect to their services from the ELL but personally, if it's a question of trains to London Bridge, Waterloo and Charing Cross or Shoreditch and Dalston, I'll take the Southern trains thanks...
  10. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    I was refering to the Deptford service, like i say its a BAD THING but caused by Thameslink not the ELL. Life is like that, you can;t please all the people all the time
  11. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    Ok, flip side - where do I have to move to in order to benefit from these new Thameslink services? Assuming they are the ones that hurtle through Brockers on the fast line at the moment. Don't say East Croydon.

    EDIT: I want the inside track, Monkeyboy! Where should my virtual buy-to-let/pied-a-terre/country-pile money go? ;)
  12. Monkeyboy

    Monkeyboy South East Crusader

    Dunno. There is one of those LENGTHY discussions on London reconnections that dissects the question. Apparently it's still not settled. The real smart money would have been to buy around farringdon 10years ago. Once crossrail and the LU sub surface upgrade happens it will be one of the best connected parts of London. Missed that boat I think.
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  13. Richard Elliot

    Richard Elliot Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Yes, from the discussions on London Reconnections the Thameslink question still seems to be open which is crazy from all of the investment taking place. All of the works at St Johns to build capacity could be redundant (if I understand the issue correctly).

    Only having Cannon St services during the working week will suit me quite nicely, but will be a bit useless on weekends. (I realise not everyone follows my travel patterns.)
  14. Michael_FH

    Michael_FH Lives for South East London

    Crofton Park is expected to get two additional Blackfriars services (not sure if they will use the Thameslink Core) so that it doubles the number of services. So you probably don't have to move very far to benefit from the Thameslink services.
  15. rbmartin

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    The loss of the Southern services to Brockley from Charing Cross is due to the slots that Southern used which were two trains per hour being required by Southeastern railway for other services in Kent due to changes made by HS1.
  16. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    My understanding as much discussed here and on BC at the time was that Brockley trains to Charing X got bumped because Southeastern wanted the slots (as you mention) for its new high speed link into Kent which has since been massively scaled back due to lack of demand.... So what happened to Brockley's Charing X slots?

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