Cycling Tours around Deptford X art festival this Sunday

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    If you're a fan of cycling, art and SE London then this might be of interest!

    South London Art Map and Artouride are conducting cycle tours around Deptford X contemporary arts festival this Sunday (5th Aug) and next Sunday (12th Aug) from 2-5pm. The tours give you a chance to see the very best of the vibrant festival led by an informed and friendly guide.

    All tours will begin at The Deptford Project, 121 Deptford High Street at 2:00pm.

    The tours cost £15.00 pp and include the use of a snazzy Brompton bike, or £10.00 pp if you use your own bike.

    More info and to bookings can be found on the South London Art Map website:
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    Tickets booked! :)
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    Have been meaning to post some pics from this for ages...


    Maggie Learmonth introduces her 'Wheelbarrow'

    Looking at pond art in Twinkle Park (yes, that's what it's called)

    Dzine - 'Phenomenon'

    Hew Locke - 'Gold Standard'

    Tour by:

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