Closure of London Bridge station link to Charing Cross 2015-2016

Discussion in 'Public Transport' started by Michael_FH, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Michael_FH

    Michael_FH Lives for South East London

    Back in 2010 we lost our direct connection to Charing Cross, admittedly only at evenings and weekends. These days many people change trains at London Bridge to continue on to Waterloo and Charing Cross.

    In 2015/6, as part of the 'improvement works' at London Bridge station, Network Rail plan to have all trains to/from Waterloo East and Charing Cross running through London Bridge without stopping.

    Southern trains will continue to terminate at London Bridge with the interchange option for the Northern and Jubilee Line and Canon Street trains, but not Waterloo or Charing X.

    My job is currently based in Waterloo, so the easy change at London Bridge is excellent for me and significantly cheaper than using the underground to get to work (even though it would be quicker). I suspect that many people like me will need to switch from Southern trains to East London Line to get to work.

    I'm interested to find out how this will impact other people who currently travel on the London Bridge to Charing Cross service. Will there be another big shift from Southern to ELL and Jubilee Line, and can the four carriage trains on ELL handle the extra demand?
  2. Nick Barron

    Nick Barron Admin Staff Member

    Michael, that would be an awful change, rendering the London Bridge service much less useful. I think you are right that it would put a lot more pressure on the ELL / JL services, the first of which is already at capacity, in need of expansion - but the opportunity to do that is limited. Can you point us to the relevant link where this is proposed please? I'd think this is something people will want to campaign against.
  3. Michael_FH

    Michael_FH Lives for South East London
    bottom of the page under the timeline. I have confirmed with Southern that this is what is happening and they are aware that is this cause some inconvenience. It has not been decided what measures will be taken to avoid complete chaos.
  4. fabhat

    fabhat Respected Local

    Thanks for the link Michael - and it also says that from 2018 all cannon st trains will also be nonstop at London Bridge. In which case - where are all the through trains coming from/going to that they need the new platforms for?
  5. Michael_FH

    Michael_FH Lives for South East London

    Both the trains to Charing Cross and the Canon Street trains will come back again after work has been done in 2015-2017. The additional Thameslink trains will run from Kent and Sussex straight through to London Bridge and beyond. Current many of these services terminate at London Bridge, others will be additional services. I gave up caring when it became clear that it will have almost no direct benefit to anybody in South London.
  6. BreakspearsEagle

    BreakspearsEagle Respected Local

    I think what happens with all the extra capacity is still up in the air so hopefully there will some benefits not yet detailed.
  7. EdHammond

    EdHammond South Eastern Guru

    Yeah, I think that this is all Thameslink related.

    The London Bridge work, when it's finished, will result in far more "through" platforms, and fewer terminating ones. The bulk of these services I think will be going through the Thameslink core, although it does seem bizarre that Charing X trains will be running nonstop.

    As and when this happens, to be honest you'd be better going to London Bridge and walking down the riverbank to Waterloo / Charing Cross as any other route will be packed! I think they'll be strongly dissuading people from changing onto the ELL/Jubilee route in preference, but for people who work in the West End that's really going to be their only option.
  8. pembroke pete

    pembroke pete Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    when thameslink trains to moorgate were withdrawn as part of the thameslink work, I think that they allowed people to travel to moorgate on the tube for no additional cost compared to a london terminals ticket.

    I wonder whether it would be worth asking if the same arrangement will apply for people forced to take the tube to waterloo or charing X?

    cannon street is probably just easier to talk to ....
  9. MJG

    MJG Local

    There is talk that some of the new Thameslink services will stop at New Cross Gate (on the 'fast lines' platforms 3 & 4), and also some rumblings that there might be some services via New Cross / St Johns / Lewisham. At one point there was also a rumour that some of the current Brockley-London Bridge trains would be extended to North London (or possibly terminated at Blackfriars). I think the latter has gone away now.

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