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  1. Sarah.safra

    Sarah.safra Newbie

    Hi I am Sarah I live in Dulwich Se22
    I highly recommend my cleaner and ironing to every family

    For me, as a working mum, it's really difficult trying to keep up with all the cleaning work. I was concerned about asking someone else to help me in case they didn't do a good job or were too expensive. I needn't have worried. My cleaner turn up on time, every time, leave the flat looking spotless, and, best of all I can afford them!
    She have listened to our individual requirements and the results are first class
    I have no hesitation in recommending her
    Mrs .patricia 07933059773
    If you require any information do not hesitate to contact me pm

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  2. Farahbaker

    Farahbaker Newbie

    Great house cleaners! The house we moved into was absolutely filthy. I hired Patricia House Cleaning Service the day before we moved in and they did a fantastic job! They were quick and efficient and they completed everything I had on my check list! I'm thrilled with the results! I would highly recommend this company.

    Thanks sarah
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  3. This was my first time ever having someone outside my family clean my house, and I was very apprehensive about having a stranger doing my housework. But my experience with this girl allayed any concerns. The customer service was excellent-- she was very professional, and was clear about the fee I'd pay for what I wanted done. This lady arrived at my house early with 2 other cleaners, and did a great job, cleaning all that I asked for and more than I anticipated. She was also very pleasant!

    I was experimenting with this as a one-time job to see how I felt about it, and mrs patricia won me over. I will likely its services again as my budget will allow--not every week, but once or twice a month. I definitely recommend her services!
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  4. johnfrancis

    johnfrancis Newbie

    This cleaning service is fantastic. I used them a few weeks ago and got the initial deep cleaning done. I was blown away by the results Patricia came and cleaned everything. She was very thorough. She started in the bathroom and made her way through the entire house in 4 hours. When I came to examine everything - it was spotless. She did a fantastic job and I'm going to become a regular client with this company.
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  5. Karenthomson

    Karenthomson Newbie

    :)I have a small 2 Bedroom flat and she spent 3 hours working very hard to clean
    Every spot .I admire people who take pride in what they do and show it by working Hard.I worked from home as she completed
    her cleaning and I wans’t once interrupted. I was very please With the timeliness and the thoroughness of the job Patricia and her cleaners performed.

    Although I initially signed up for 4 hours cleaning. I have since committed to a bi weekly service.
    Hey ,I don’t mind paying for the professional service of those much better than I can at making my Place sparkling clean and
    making me a happy woman when I Enjoy home.

    I would highly recommend this service to anyone, Customer service was great as well

    Karen Thompson– Forest Hill, SE23
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  6. CinderClean

    CinderClean Regular

    CinderClean is a successful cleaning company based in London that specialises in Domestic, Commercial, Office and Carpet Cleaning. All our cleaners are reference and identity checked upon employment for added security. We have a number of cleaning packages that has additional benefits included. I guarantee we can provide a cleaning package that will suit your needs and if not, we will be happy to make slight amendments to that particular package if needed.

    Please take a look at our website which has our company history, the services we provide in more detail and our catalogue of positive feedback.

    Feel free to message me directly for my contact details.

    Francesca Gunter
    CinderClean Ltd
  7. Hi does she work weekends?
    I need a house cleaner for Saturdays
    4 hours weekly
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  8. Katiesegal

    Katiesegal Newbie

    Very efficient and friendly young lady , I am using her work every Wednesday ,Patricia and her girls is fantastic .
    I live in a 5 bedroom house in forest hill and she cleans my house in 5 hours ,
    I am Very happy with her time.
    Highly recommended
    Katie -
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  9. Patricinha

    Patricinha Member

    IMG_3105.JPG Merry Christmas and a happy new year every one ,from Patricia house cleaner
    Many thanks to all of my clients that recognise my services .
    Thanks for all the recommendation
    God bless you all
    I am now have my web site and you can book your cleaning on line


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