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    Hello all,

    Someone within the community died recently after a short battle with Illness, they were a selfless person and a very happy and helpful person, he has left behind a wife, 2 children and 2 grandchildren, this has broken the family and they are struggling currently, and i would like some help with fundraising.

    I live on Turnham road and do a Christmas display every year, in commemoration of him i would like to make this display much bigger this year. I will be putting a donation box outside of the house to enable people coming to see the display to donate to the family's chosen charity which i believe may be St Christopher's Hospice in Sydnham.

    I need help to make this display bigger so i am asking for any donations to the display, i will be starting to build it on 28th November so would love and donations to be given before this date, even if the items are broken, i can fix them or put things together and make a full one. Please don't hesitate.

    Please drop me an email to and i will come to collect all items from you.

    Thank you all.

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