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    St Catherine’s Church (Pepys Road SE14) is acting as a local collection point for men’s jeans, jumpers, training shoes, games (scrabble, chess etc), toiletries. These will be taken to Calais in early September. The resources will be handed out in an organised fashion, by a bona fide charity to EVERYONE in need.

    As yet, there is a focus on men’s clothes, shoes and warm and waterproof coats/jackets. We’ll let you know as soon as we can when items for women and children might be needed.

    • Please make sure that whatever you donate is clean and usable
    • Please drop your donations off at Telegraph Hill Centre, Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm …
    • … or bring it to St Catherine’s Church on Sunday 30th August – before the service 9.30 to 10am, or immediately afterwards 11.15-11.45, when there will be people around to receive your gifts
    • The donations will be collected at the start of September so this is your last chance to donate items.
    More details and information here

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