Bromley based investors launch exciting new business opportunity for the South East!

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    South-East based investors, Michael Taylor and David Green, have launched an exciting business opportunity today. ‘UntappedUK’ offers a new or existing business in the South East region significant investment to help to develop and grow.

    The investors who are also owners of MTA Solicitors LLP, which is based in Bromley and one of the town’s largest employers, have always fostered an entrepreneurial spirit. They have built up a group of companies to resource their central legal business, including Legal, Accountancy, IT, Recruitment, marketing and HR businesses, and are now encouraging local entrepreneurs and business owners to apply for UntappedUK .

    Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new business idea, you are an established business in need of a new injection of life or you believe your business would benefit from being part of a larger group of companies, UntappedUK is for you.

    There is no criteria for UntappedUK in terms of the type of business that can enter. Whether you are a caretaker or undertaker, a foodie or a florist, a professional services business or manual contractor, it just needs to be a viable, exciting business proposition with potential for growth.

    The successful applicants will receive help and support to develop and grow in the form of:

    · New premises if needed

    · A finance model / investment

    · Legal services

    · Accountancy services

    · Brand development

    · PR / marketing

    · IT support and development including a website if needed

    David Green, investor and managing Partner at MTA said “This is a fantastic opportunity for budding local entrepreneurs and business people. We are very keen to invest in local business and through recent research have discovered there is a wealth of fantastic talent and business springing up in the Region. We hope we can offer a step up to one or more of these businesses or entrepreneurs that has the potential to take an idea and run with it.

    Bringing a new company into our group of businesses could develop new opportunities across the group and if this proves successful, we may well open this up to other regions and potentially rerun in the South East.”

    To apply for UntappedUK please visit for guidelines and to fill in the application form. All applications for the current phase of investment must be in by July 31st. A short list for interview will be drawn up in September and individuals or businesses invited to meet with the UntappedUK team.

    Follow @UntappedUK on twitter for more news and updates!

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