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  1. JosephGilbert

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    I hate the fact that Bromley and Bexley are often excluded on south-east London forums like this. Bromley and Bexley are just as much a part of south-east London as the other three boroughs, and if you think not then it shows that you really do not know south-east London at all!
  2. Michael_FH

    Michael_FH Lives for South East London

    But are they Central? If the forum was called South-East Outer, then it would be all about Bromley and Bexley.
    The forums of East Dulwich, Forest Hill, Sydenham, and Norwood put a southern limit on the expected reach of South East Central.
    There are also and
    But there is nothing to stop you starting threads about Bexley issues that you feel are important for this forum, that's how it got extended to Greenwich.

    P.S. I don't run this forum, so anything I say is my view not their policy.
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  3. JosephGilbert

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    But East Dulwich, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Norwood and Greenwich are not Central London?! Central London and south-east London are separate areas with the boundary being the Inner Ring Road i.e. the CCZ.
  4. Nick Barron

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    Hi, no-one's excluded - we wouldn't want to do that. It's simply that the areas the administrators know and can effectively help promote the forum to are in these three boroughs. Forums only work when you have a critical mass of users who want to talk about the same thing. If you can find some mates who want to join the forum to talk about Bromley or Bexley, we'll create a dedicated area for you all. In the mean time, as Michael says, please use the South East London general forum to raise any issues you like. When and if that happens, we will also change the title of the site.

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