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Discussion in 'The Cycle Lane' started by Pratish, May 2, 2011.

  1. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    Just bought mysef a new bike..
    and loving the weather (and Bank Holidays!) to ride about and explore Brockley and the South East.. am tempted to set up a Bike Club, we can meet up on weekends or some evenings and head out and explore... maybe even catch a train out and ride back in..?
    anyhow, thoughts, ideas, suggestions of good bike rides all welcome.. I have created new thread in Transport for bike routes:
    let me know and if there is enough interest we can set this up and venture out on our bikes!
    twitter: @pratishkotecha
  2. Brockley Jon

    Brockley Jon Admin Staff Member

    I think it's a great idea. What sort of bike do you have, and what are you comfortable with? We do have a fairly massive bike club round these parts in the form of Dulwich Paragon, but it does tend to be for the lycra enthusiasts. Don't see why Brockley can't have its own club, more in-keeping with Brocker's relaxed style. I know Headhunter and Co have talked about this before on BC.
  3. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Jon,
    Bought a Hybrid - Ridgeback Velocity. Yeah you're right, just checked out Dulwich Paragon, and not that enthused!
    Thought of getting people together for decent long rides, with lunch in between. Am riding to get fit and enjoy the area but would maybe like to do more miles and get into touring or something...
  4. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    First outing... Saturday 14th May... Meet at 11am Hilly Fields...

    Send suggestions for route, otherwise I'll come up with one!
  5. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    First outing... Saturday 14th May... Meet at 11am Hilly Fields...

    Send suggestions for route, otherwise I'll come up with one!
  6. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    Good idea. Dulwich Paragon's roots are in racing, so most definitely lycra enthusiasts, however in the past few years they have most definitely thrown their doors open to a wider audience. The Saturday morning rides are of a gentler pace, I haven't been on a Sat ride for a while but apparently they are VERY well attended these days with 60 or 70 riders turning up. These rides have become so popular that the group is divided into 4 or 5 or more subsets of different paces. The fast riders head out 1st and are generally clad in lycra and ride at 18 or 19mph but the slowest groups are much, much more sedate. I was out on a Sunday ride a few weeks back and apparently the slower groups include people in jeans and doc martens on battered old hybrids! Having said that, the majority of people are in lycra and tend not to be total newbies. The Sat morn ride route is fixed and is about 35 miles (although they meet up at Crystal Palace about 5 miles away, uphill). It's often pretty sociable too, with quite a few people having brunch/lunch at the cafe in CP at the end.

    There are other cycle clubs around SE London though, some of which are more touring aligned. Many of them are the oldest social groups around having been established in the 19th century and still going strong. Catford CC was one of the best known cycling groups in the UK in Victorian and early 20th century times, it even had a "branch" in Paris! Dulwich Paragon was established in the 1920s or 1930s I think and there are loads of other clubs. SE London has a strong history in cycle manufacture too with a lot of respected frame builders working round here, sadly most of them have disappeared now though. There used to be a Victorian banked cycle racing track in Catford somewhere around Sportbank Rd. I don't know much about Catford CC but I get the impression that these days they go on more leisurely rides around the countryside. There are also a couple of gentler riding groups in Greenwich, try Googling "Greenwich Cyclists".

    Anyway, good luck setting up a Brockley Cycling Club... I might try to make it along if I can, although I must admit I'm more of a lycra head than a" ride a hybrid in jeans stopping at pubs" rider
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  7. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks Headhunter for the support and info.

    Hopefully one day I will be a lycra enthusiast, as they say we have to start somewhere..!

    I have got my cycle route maps come through from TFL, so will be sorting out a route this weekend to try out for Saturday! Plan is to head out for a ride down towards Greenwich and along the Thames...

    For those interested please mail or tweet or comment so I know if we do have interest!
  8. nml

    nml Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    I wanna get a bike but don't really have the economy or guts at the moment...such bike-unfriendly traffic in the UK. :/
  9. Headhunter

    Headhunter Super-South-Easter

    A nice ride for beginners who want to take it steady is along the Thames Path which is a shared pedestrian and cycle space. You can ride or train it to London Bridge and then ride along the Thames all the way out to the Thames Barrier, there are some nice pubs along the way. It tends to be a bit thick with peds between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, so you have to be careful, but once past Tower Bridge, the tourists have gone and generally you get the entire path to yourself, barely anyone else seems to use it.... Some interesting derelict wharves and port buildings along the way as well...
  10. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Headhunter, exactly what I was thinking, but ride frm Brockley to Greenwich and then along the Thames Path to the Thames Barrier..

    Hi nml - shame, hopefully money and guts will come together for you at some point! :)
  11. Ruby

    Ruby Local

    Hi Pratish. Welcome to the wonderful world of cycling. I can't make your ride on Saturday but I have a couple of other suggestions for good routes for a leisurely cycle ride from Brockley:

    1. Along the Waterlink Way - you can join it at Ladywell Fields and much of the first part of the route south from there is off-road in parks alongside rivers (hence the name) as far as Bellingham. There you can choose to follow a diversion to Beckenham Place Park or stick with the main route to South Norwood Country Park (and on out of London to the south coast if you keep going). There are cafes in both parks.

    2. To Greenwich and then through the foot tunnel (you currently have to carry your bike up and down the stairs as the lifts are out-of-action but they are due to re-open in June). On the other side you can pick up signs for cycle route 1 and follow it up through Docklands to Victoria Park which has a good cafe and makes a nice destination in it's own right and then on to the Lee Valley Park which is a fantastic place and has a great off-road cycle route. Within minutes of reaching the Lee Valley you feel as though you are out in the country even though you are still in Hackney!
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  12. zosia

    zosia Member

    Good idea. Would love to join. 14th of May no good for me either, but will try to keep an eye on that thread. I do fancy a trip along the Thames.
  13. Pete_Algiers_Road

    Pete_Algiers_Road Respected Local

    The London Cycling Campaign has branches in each of the boroughs with Lewisham being no exception. You could always go out on their rides:
  14. darryl

    darryl Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    I'll second Ruby's recommendation of the Thames Path and Waterlink Way - if I need to clear the cobwebs away I tend to ride from the Thames Barrier to Deptford, then down the WW to Ladywell Fields, then cut through Hither Green/ Lee towards the Blackheath Cator Estate and then home to Charlton. That's roughly 10 miles, almost all of which is on dedicated paths or side roads.
  15. Daniel S

    Daniel S Newbie

    Hey Pratish,

    I would be generally interested as well in order to get fit again after a recent ACL injury. Can't do Saturday, though. Let me know about next meet up, I just started following you on Twitter. Cheers
  16. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    Hey all,

    First ride went well.. Thinking of the next one already in June sometime... Let me know what dates are good! :)
  17. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

    How does Sunday 12th June sound to people for a bike ride..??
  18. Pratish

    Pratish Moderator Staff Member

  19. Hiya,

    is there an Brockley club as we are based in Lewisham and happy to offer a discount to all members.


  20. BreakspearsEagle

    BreakspearsEagle Respected Local

    Where is your shop?

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