Bloody noisy freight trains!

Discussion in 'Public Transport' started by Jayarruu, May 15, 2013.

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    Yeah that line does seem to mainly cater for freight... I remember looking at buying a house on Seymour Gardens and noticing that the seller had had the front windows but not the back, double glazed which indicated to me that the noise from the train line had been a problem
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    it's actually not so much a problem when you're inside, it's when you're outside, and we have single glazed windows at the back (double at front?!) which seems to be enough to keep things at bay, but it's the regularity of them at times that is annoying. weirdly, the odd one is actually quite re-assuring but when they go past every 10 minutes on a friday afternoon it's a pain. perhaps i'll raise it with national rail, but doubt they'll care.
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    This article (and its subsequent Parts 2 and 3) gives a useful insight into where the freight trains that use this line are heading, and how the volume of them is expected to change over time..

    In summary:
    • The line through Nunhead is the main route for traffic from the north down to the Channel Tunnel (down the West London Line, through Denmark Hill, then on through Catford and Maidstone East).
    • There are 35 'train paths' reserved per day in each direction down to the Channel Tunnel until 2052.. This number isn't yet being used, but will be by 2030.
    • The volume of freight on this route does (and will continue to) limit the frequency of passenger service through Nunhead and round to Victoria/Blackfriars, and on the East London Line branch to Clapham Junction.
    • There are better ways of routing this freight traffic north than taking them through suburban south London (principally through Guildford and Reading)... but they would need work and are seen as being in the 'too hard' box in the short-term and aren't being actively considered.
    It's the impact on passenger service that annoys me, probably more than the noise of the freight trains rattling past my house.. We're stuck with a poor, patchy service into Victoria (no service after 7.30pm, and nothing on Sundays), a Thameslink service that is improving but irregular (half-hourly) and at risk of losing its link through beyond Blackfriars, and frequent delays as trains get stuck waiting for other higher-priority traffic to pass through.. all because the best that can be done is to route major international freight traffic through suburban Zone 2/3 London?

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