Bicycle service for £22 at Cycles UK, Greenwich (60% off)

Discussion in 'The Cycle Lane' started by Brockley Jon, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Brockley Jon

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  2. Headhunter

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    Cycles UK is a chain of bike shops I think. I've been into that shop, seems OK. Of course you'll pay £22 for the service but they'll find problems with you bike and then charge you extra for parts and labour to repair it, but then if the bike needs a good overhaul, this may be a good chance. They're probably trying to drum up business in what's usually a quiet time just before winter...
  3. darryl

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    They also insist on saying that their shop's in Greenwich when it bloody well ain't.
  4. Headhunter

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    To be fair I think most bike repair shops operate this way, they have a headline service price but that is simply to diagnose problems, parts and labour to fix anything will always be extra. Same with car servicing and MOT shops - places that guarantee to get your car through the MOT or no charge. The thing is there is no charge as long as you allow them to go ahead with anything they feel is necessary to get it through the MOT, at which point there is a bill to pay. So although the initial assessment is free (as long as you use that garage to sort the problems), the rest of the work isn't...

    Having said that I took one of my bikes to Brockley Bikes to have a spoke replaced and they more or less did the £22 part of the service for free at the same time... When I arrived to pick it up they had made up a list of other things they felt needed sorting out in the hope that I would leave it with them...
  5. Russell & Brockley

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    Greenwich, Greenwich, Greenwich. It's enough to make you turn to bestiality
  6. Brockley Jon

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    Speaking of which, er, avatar Russell. Care to make it anything more appropriate? :rolleyes:
  7. tirez

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    I need to take my bike in for a service too. What kind of turnaround time was there for the service at the UCW?

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