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    We are looking for Real People based in the UK with any of the following experiences for an American documentary-style project shooting in the USA.
    -People with a best friend, family member or relative who's missing from their life, anyone searching for their birth parents or biological siblings or someone who's found them but they've never met.
    -Couples or those at the start of a blossoming relationship who found each other online but haven't had the chance to meet in "real life." Looking for people who are in long-distance, international relationships with partners they've never met.
    -Talented, comedians, songwriters, fashion designers, aerialists, magicians, musicians or some other type of performer with really cool skills who are trying to pursue their performance dreams.
    -Someone who has the training and skills to be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey or George Lucas, but is stuck on the corporate ladder?
    All shortlisted candidates will be requested to come in for a short interview at our London Offices on either the 23rd or 24th July, one of our team will contact you if you are successful.
    If any of this sound like you or someone you know, please email us with a short paragraph about you & your story, with a picture, and contact information.
    Please send your submission to We must make contact with all candidates before Friday 25th July so please contact ASAP.
    All candidates must have a passport and a clean valid drivers License.
    Those chosen to participate in the final project will be compensated for their time and all expenses paid.
    This is for Real people unfortunately Actors Need not apply.
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