65 today: Your best of Bowie?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by David TOWIE, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. David TOWIE

    David TOWIE Local

    David Bowie turned 65 today.

    Digital Spy readers voted his 1971 classic Life On Mars? as Bowie's greatest ever song.

    1. Life on Mars? - 21.4%
    2. "Heroes" - 12.5%
    3. Ashes to Ashes - 7.3%
    4. Let's Dance - 6.1%
    5. Starman - 5.9%
    6. Space Oddity - 4.6%
    7. Changes - 3.3%
    8. Ziggy Stardust - 3.3%
    9. The Man Who Sold The World - 3.2%
    10. Magic Dance - 2.5%

    Visitors to the same website also voted 1972's The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars as Bowie's best album.

    1. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - 21.7%
    2. Hunky Dory - 16.5%
    3. Low - 9.5%
    4. Station To Station - 9%
    5. Aladdin Sane - 6.2%
    6. 1. Outside - 4.6%
    7. Let's Dance - 3.5%
    8. Labyrinth - 3.5%
    9. Young Americans - 2.1%
    10. Heathen - 2.1%

    Agree or disagree?
  2. Contrarian

    Contrarian Proper Local

    Fave Bowie song is Ashes To Ashes; album is Hunky Dory
  3. Stuart

    Stuart South East Crusader

    Labyrinth wasn't even a proper Bowie album!

    I'm plumping for:

    Album - Low
    Song - Heroes
  4. 4onthefloor

    4onthefloor Fountain of Southern Knowledge

    Hallo Spaceboy! (love the Pet Shop Boys remix)

    Album is harder, maybe Outside
  5. Camelegg

    Camelegg Proper Local

    Can't disagree with Life On Mars?

    Fave album for me is Scary Monsters by far. Charles Kennedy I know would plump for Young Americans though.
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  6. Song - Sunday
    Album - Heathen of course! (though I really like the 1967 debut album which was recorded in West Hampstead)
  7. Howson Road

    Howson Road Local

    The song Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) is one of my fave Bowie tracks.
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  8. SE Steve

    SE Steve Super-South-Easter

    Ah, but did you know it before that infamous scene in Inglourious Basterds? ;)

  9. Howson Road

    Howson Road Local

    No, I did not so I thank Tarantino for that!
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  10. Tremadog

    Tremadog Member

    Wow, I'm gonna have to watch the movie now..... and download the song!
  11. MC Turtle

    MC Turtle Member

    Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of my favourite David Bowie album.

  12. The Ashes To Ashes video is my earliest memory of seeing David Bowie on TV.

    Naturally, it was the first record of his I bought..... four years later. :oops:
  13. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

    As David Bowie turns 65, historians know that it is also around 600 years since the birth date of Joan Of Arc. And the connection is? Well, I am still fascinated by both - but I guess I have always drawn inspiration from larger than life characters who challenged convention. Other connections? Joan heard the voice of God, while David has a voice that God might even envy.

    Meanwhile, although Joan was horrifically burned at the stake, could it really be that with no new music or performances over the last eight years that DB is also feeling burnt out? I hope not, however with a legacy that will endure beyond, if it is that retirement has been chosen over future years of touring and recording, then who could begrudge Bowie his rest? After all, the impact of his music is of a magnitude that it has correctly been implied how difficult it would be to imagine what pop music would be like should David Bowie never have come into being.

    Compliments don’t come much higher than that but it is with merit. In any case, Happy Birthday David Bowie, wish you well and the very best of health!

    And on the subject of drawing inspiration from larger than life characters who defied the odds as they challenged convention, my heart hurt as I read the following article in the Glasgow Herald.

    Surely Nelson Mandela and all the others who sacrificed so much, to challenge and defeat the shame of apartheid, envisioned a future for their country that would be so much different from this.

    Jim Kerr
    (yes, the singer of Simple Minds)
  14. South East 15

    South East 15 Respected Local

    Comparing David Bowie to Nelson Mandela or Joan Of Arc is a bit.... erm, what's the word, hyperbolic?

    He's just an artist at the end of the day. In terms of cultural significance and impact, probably the most important rock star after Elvis but still just an artist, with all the ego and insecurities that that entails.

    I really like the Diamond Dogs and "Heroes" albums best; songs way too numerous to mention, tho I love all the discordant Berlin period stuff.
  15. SE Steve

    SE Steve Super-South-Easter

    "Heroes" and Life On Mars? are probably his most celebrated songs. Space Oddity too, though I've never really cared much for that one.

    I don't think you can really fault the Hunky Dory album, and Quicksand's always been a particular favourite, even without the SE connections (he was living at Haddon Hall in Beckenham at the time), and by 1971 had formed a side project called Arnold Corns who were all Dulwich College boys.

    Bowie's own description of Quicksand at the time:
    The chain reaction of moving around through out the bliss and then the calamity of America produced this epic of confusion - Anyway, with my esoteric problems I could have written it in Plainview - or Dulwich.
  16. Loins

    Loins Local

  17. DKZ

    DKZ South East Crusader

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