2014 UK & reigning BBC slam poetry champion, David Lee Morgan in Deptford

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In a world under so many threats is poetry important?

  1. It has no importance

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  2. It is more important than ever

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  3. Poetry remains an important medium to discuss difficult subjects

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    PLATFORM-7 EVENTS Respected Local

    Presenting the 2014 UK & reigning BBC slam poetry champion, David Lee Morgan performing his brand new 2015 Full Edinburgh preview show, BUILDING GOD*, 8:00pm

    With special guest,
    Bird Radio performing his stunning new album featuring the words of Walter De La Mare, OH! HAPPY ENGLAND, 7:15pm

    Confirmed poetry performance sets by,
    Isabel White
    Jah-Mir Early
    Mell B. Nyoko
    Nat Nye
    and the inimitable Jazzman John Clarke
    Exact timings and further performances to follow…

    This Event is Free
    Sunday, July 19at 5:00pm - 9:00pm
    The Duke, Deptford
    125 Creek Road, SE8 3BU London, United Kingdom

    *BUILDING GOD: Communism or oblivion… Now that the great revolutions of the last century have been defeated, are we doomed to bury ourselves in the slime of a money-grubbing, market-driven insane asylum, or is a bright future still possible? What can we learn from the past? What can we do for the future? UK and reigning BBC slam poetry champion, David Lee Morgan, spits over music tracks produced and mixed by CloudFistConceptz.

    Watch David:

    Another Platform-7 collaboration

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